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Public Speaking Includes Keynotes, Workshops, or Seminars.

Presentation Overview

In this powerful presentation you will hear moving, real-life stories that reveal simple truths and profound messages we’ve all learned—yet sometimes forget. This presentation will inspire and motivate you—and show you what is possible in your life-will share include the most remarkable stories from Soul of Success.

This universally uplifting talk has inspired tens of thousands of people, changemakers, entrepreneurs around the world. 

A speaking event customized to your needs.

Si is a teacher at heart that approaches each audience as a unique group. 

Here are just a few examples of the topics Si speaks about:


This dynamic and interactive presentation incudes practical exercises that inspire  and empower audiences to live the fulfilling life they want!  When audiences leave, they take their next step, find their own voice, and feel empowered–personally and professionally.

Feedback & Reviews

I commit to presencing myself enough to start creating without fear of how it will be received. And to stay visible at my workplace and in my relationship.


“I AM an older woman who is becoming ageless, radiant, vibrant, fun, powerful and contributing to my community!”


“I commit to doing what I know I need to do to move my business forward.”


What Can I Do for You?

I can help you achieve your goals and dreams? Here’s how


But, since writing the book, growing exponentially and operating at this level I’ve learned we’re all capable of much more.
More prosperity and abundance…
More improvement, and…
The ability to grow exponentially and go bigger than we’ve ever imagined.  And, that’s why I wrote this book  The ultimate how-to guide for success in business and life. 
and here’s a peek of what you’ll find inside…

  • How to commit and set huge goals that drive you to action…

  • How to create the ultimate story about yourself so YOU define who you are and what you’ll achieve this life time…

  • How to deal with setbacks, self doubt, fears and turn them into the drive to go further, and bigger…

And, that’s just in a couple of chapters! This is everything I’ve learned on my journey of success… And, it’s your opportunity to have me as your personal mentor guiding you to massive success as well.  If you love to operate at an even higher level…

Contact me to JOIN our MENTOR 10X MY SUCCESS


I have been working with women for years and as the traditional role for women had changed in this century, we can sense a higher possibility of who we can be. Even though women have a deep yearning for something more in life but they get very confused with what it means for them.
How do I give that’s everything inside of me to contribute to the humanity.  The deepest yearning to manifest the highest possibility of who I am, my greatness in me.  There is something more to come out inside of me.  I want to contribute to the world, lift everyone up that will change the world.   I have created this transformation 11 steps process that I have distilled in my years of study, practice in my own life.  When you follow these steps you will absolutely be successful.
When you understand this process and master this process, you can create the next thing and the next thing whether it is in your business, whether it’s health , impact your leadership , relationship.  I keep using this process to bring me to my next level of success.
The number one problem for women to create what they desire is that they are creating from their limiting beliefs of who they think they are. According to research, there are more than 20 limiting beliefs that are holding women back from achieving success.
When you join MENTOR 10X MY SUCCESS, you gain the power to:
liberate yourself from self doubt, insecurity and become authentic confidence and visibility. Attract a soul mate who meet you at all level or transform your present relationship to a deep loving, connected and intimate relationship. Shift from survival mode to thriving in life. Discover your “true” talent so you can create a business or move your career to the next level. Feel like you are finally living the life you are meant to live


I am constantly bombarded with messages from people who said they feel stuck and not motivated both in own life and at work – doing the same thing over and over again.
Most people never live a fulfilled life and maximize their full potential, only some people do that.  Because they never reach for   
They don’t reach for it.  If you don’t reach for it maybe you have been convinced you cannot.  It is real, it trapped me for many years.  
My keynote address Visioning and Goal Setting for Individuals , Group and Organizations & Breaking Free from our Limiting Beliefs to help 10X your success 

  1. “Life is a creation, not a discovery.  You do not live each day to discover what it holds for you, but to create it.”- Neale Donald Walsch

Vision process is always self-examination.  The visioning process is a process of transformation of the individual.  Begin by grounding the individuals in a vision that is in alignment of greater good for all.  Identify the common mistakes and misconception most people make when setting goals.  Clarify the steps and become clear with the goals.  Identify growth and development required to move towards the direction of the vision.  

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