The EIGHT steps you can take immediately to create the life you deserve

1. Be clear of what you want in your life. Imagine for a moment, what your life would look like next year if you could radically and positively transform every aspect of your life…

……….. Live a purposeful life filled with happiness

……….. Have a vibrant and robust energy

………. Find deep fulfilling and intimate relationships

……….. Create financial freedom

……….. Realize your Greatest Dream.

2. See Your JOB and COLLEAGUES right now as INVESTORS who believe in you and pay for your DREAM

3. INCREASE YOUR DESERVING. Know that it is your birthright to life a wealthy life. Worthiness come from a deep sense of self love. See if you answer YES to any of these following questions:
I. Do you have a hard time receiving a compliment?
II. Do you have a hard time getting gift? You feel like you quickly go out and give back twice as much to someone who gave you the gift?
III. Do you have a hard time asking for and receiving support or help?
IV. Do you downplay your own good because you don’t want others around you to feel bad?
V. Do you feel guilty if your goods come to you easily?

If you say yes to any of the 5 questions, that’s a great opportunity for you to practice opening to receiving. Throughout the day, notice where are you open to receiving and where are you kind of pushing your good away. When you notice you push your goods away, take a deep breath and open yourself up to receive.

4. Know your WHAT and WHY, then figure out the HOW later.

5. Be willing to take the small action steps with fear inside you.

6. Detach any feeling of betray, anger, shame and guilt when you look at your past.

7. Who do you want to be surrounded with? Are they the people who uplift you?

8. Listen to your soul. Happiness is saying no to what doesn’t make sense to your soul.

If you’re ready to take the next step to experience greater happiness and abundance in life… set up a LOVE YOUR LIVE call with me NOW, where I’ll help you identify exactly what your abundant life will look like – and what you need to do to get there

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