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Growing up in Asia, people around me were always talking about their dreams.  They all have one common dream and that was to move to and live in North America.  They said it is the “Land of Dreams”.  As a child, I never know the exact reason why.  I just assume it is the land where gold, diamonds and natural resources are found, a place for freedom of speech, job opportunities, higher standard of living, and better education system.

For many years, I saw my parents worked very hard, saved all their money and worried for our future.  The day I stepped my feet on the soil of North America, I knew my life had changed but I did not know what it for me nor knowing how.

When I was first introduced to a system of transformation that completely changed my life and I became a hungry sponge because I want to know everything, I can find about it.  I grabbed any books I could find from ancient religions, philosophies, modern psychology to the emerging physics which they are the underpinning of these trainings I take.

Overtime, I know it is my calling to bring these transformations to every person who would want it and I began to serve this idea.  I went on to learn from the masters and began to teach. Initially, only a handful of people was interested in what I had to teach mostly in the beginning, was my immediate family.   But I kept the vision and I kept serving the vision even on days it looked like nothing is happening and no one was interested. 

One thing that kept me going is the burning fire in the dream of me that want to make a difference in the life of people.  Over the years, I have the privilege to ignite the fire of thousands of people dreams and serving them through my workshops, books, programs and every interaction with people. Ever since, this has been a dedication of my life.

My mentor told me to visit Concord, Massachusetts at least once in my lifetime. Concord, Massachusetts, is the place in the United States where the American democracy was hatched. It’s the place where the shot heard around the world, that initiated the Revolutionary War that brought freedom.

It’s also the place where 60 years subsequent to that, there were people gathered together, having conversations that would be known as the Concord conversations. It was the revolution of thinking, a system of thinking and working with the invisible laws that govern the visible and measurable results in our lives.   It would give rise to a kind of thinking that William James would then call the “only uniquely American contribution to the world body of theological knowledge.” It was uniquely American, and that’s really explain why people want to come to the land of North America.

Feedback & Reviews

I am committed to my health and see a new way now to change, grow myself  and reclaim my power and not self-sacrifice and feel resntment. I am deeply grateful!


I commit to connect to myself as a daily ritual and schedule my day with more love and self care – so I can create with more joy and spontaneity.


My foremost first breakthrough step is to take the step to identify my growth capacity and be the woman to attract the love of my life


What Can I Do for You?

Excite. Motivate. Dream. Visualize. Achieve.  Let’s work together!

I’m a success coach, working with individuals, groups, companies, and organizations to empower them to achieve new heights. 

I like to focus on helping others explore and create their vision, and understand and implement important frameworks for achieving all important goals that will help them realize that vision.

Nothing is out of reach  if we take the initiative to achieve our dreams.   Reach out to me for more information or explore my course.

Now on-line, Partner with Invisible Laws to Have an Abundant Life

I am a writer, embracing the opportunity to share my energy and knowledge  to help others succeed.  It’s my hope that everyone who reads my books will come away with a renewed energy to take steps to achieve their dreams, and use some of the tools in the book to help reach their goals. 

I currently have my first book published and available for direct purchase or through amazon.ca.  “Let Your Future Self Lead You Into A Successful 2022.

My second book, which I co-authored, will be out in fall 2022.  View the books or sign up to be notified when the new book is available.

I am a public speaker, who enjoys interacting with others to share my positive message of empowerment and achievement, with groups large or small.

My keynote address is entitled, “Creating The Road to YOUR Success:  Visioning & Goal Setting For Individuals & Organizations”

To see a sample of the keynote, and the topics covered, just reach out to me here. I can’t wait to hear from you!  

Need Advice Or Info?

I would love to hear from you.  Reach out to me with the click of a button, and I will follow up with you in a timely manner. 

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